Treine Seu Ouvido Em Inglês

Tempo de leitura: menos de 1 minuto

É isso ai galera, mais um video da Série “Speak With Me”
Esse é o desafio, assista o video e tente entender tudo. Se não conseguir escute lendo a transcrição abaixo!

Hello my dear friend. Leonardo Leite here.
And as you know, I always start my videos speaking a little bit English and the rest of it all in Portuguese.
But right now the whole video will be done in English.
So, if you already know a little English great.
Enjoy this video, you can listen to it as many times as you want.
Or, you can look for a transcription somewhere on the channel, somewhere on the website or you can send us an email, you know, begging us, “Please send me a transcription.”
Maybe I’ll send you a transcription, or not.
But what I am doing here is encouraging you to listen.
Listen a lot to my material, or to any other teacher speaking english to you.
Listen to people speaking English and real English.
That’s the way I talk, alright.
I’m not doing anything to make it easier for you.
That’s exactly the way I speak.
That’s exactly the way I talk to other people.
I’m not speeding up and I’m not slowing down.
So, if you can grasp, if you can understand.
A little, at least a little, of what I’m talking to you right now.
What I’m saying right now.
Great, you are on the right path to fluency, to communicating and speaking clearly.
And with no stress, with no problems.
Right, good.
So, that’s the video I wanted to make for you.
So you can, you know, get used to my English.
And please, leave your comment down below, in English.
And tell me what else would you like me to talk to you about.
And we’ll talk about it here.
Right. If you have any questions.
Just, send a comment, send me an email
And I’ll be glad to get back to you.
Alright, so I hope you have enjoyed this.
And I hope to see you on the next video.
Thanks a lot and bye bye.